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Kuzzle for web apps

Build modern web-apps twice as fast

Kuzzle Backend provides all the most-wanted toolkits a developer needs to build modern web-apps, single page applications(SPA), progressive web applications (PWA): a feature rich backend with a JSON database, search, user management, realtime pub/sub, geofencing & more...
And a Javascript SDK that can be used as a standalone library or embeded in popular Javascript frameworks such as Angular.js, React.js & Vue.js

Developers' corner - SDK Pub/Sub examples

Reduce development time and learning curve with the Kuzzle SDK(S). They provide high-level functions to make developers' life simpler.
Read the documentation to learn more

  • Javascript
  • Android
  • GO
  • (function () {
      var kuzzle = new Kuzzle('localhost', {
        defaultIndex: 'some index',
        autoReconnect: true,
        headers: { someheader: 'value' },
        port: 7512
      }); (err, res) {
        /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */
  • import io.kuzzle.sdk.core.Kuzzle;

    Kuzzle kuzzle = new Kuzzle("localhost"); ResponseListener() {
      public void onSuccess(Date object) {
        /* 'object' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

      public void onError(JSONObject error) {
        /* Handle error */
  • import (

    func main() {
      o := types.NewOptions()
      qo := types.NewQueryOptions()

      cn := websocket.NewWebSocket(":7512", o)
      k, _ := kuzzle.NewKuzzle(cn, o)

      res, _ := k.Now(qo)

      /* 'res' contains the Kuzzle timestamp (utc, in milliseconds) */

Setup data and security rules with the admin UI

The Kuzzle Admin UI is an open-source, standalone web UI you can run from a Cloud-hosted version, or download and run locally from any operating system. It is a visual interface to manage Kuzzle backend API and configure indexes, data collections, data schemas, user roles and policies, debugging and more.


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