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Kuzzle for IoT backend

Unify IoT, Web & Mobile API in one backend

Kuzzle Backend natively supports standard IoT protocols like HTTP, WebSockets and MQTT, but can be extended to add any other TCP/UDP protocol via the powerful plugin engine. Kuzzle Backend offers everything an IoT application needs: database, pub/sub real-time engine, advanced search, geofencing, SDK(S) & Admin UI.

Case Study

Out-of-zone realtime detection with IoT(s)

Kuzzle Backend enables you to live-track the position of your IoT devices and be notified when they enter or exit any polygon area.
Read the complete case study

Blazing fast database operations

Developers' corner - MQTT example

  • Javascript
  • const
              mqtt = require('mqtt'),
              client = mqtt.connect({host: 'localhost'});
            // Sending a volatile message
            client.publish('Kuzzle/request', JSON.stringify({
              index: 'index',
              collection: 'collection',
              controller: 'realtime',
              action: 'publish',
              requestId: 'some unique ID',
              body: { some: "message" }
            // Getting Kuzzle's response
            client.on('message', (topic, raw) => {
              const message = JSON.parse(Buffer.from(raw));
              // API results topic
              if (topic === 'Kuzzle/response') {
                // Response to our "publish" request
                if (message.requestId === 'some unique ID') {
                  console.log('Message publication result: ', message);

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